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Vermiculture Technology in Tribal Social Systems

Author: G. P. D. Vyas


Organic agriculture is not new to Indian agriculture community. Several forms of organic agriculture are being successfully practiced in diverse climate, particularly in rain fed, tribal, mountains and hill areas of the country. Among all agriculture systems, organic agriculture is gaining wide attention among farmers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and agricultural scientists for varied reasons such as it minimizes the dependence on chemical inputs (fertilizers pesticides, herbicides and other agro- chemicals). Thus, safeguards/ improve quality of resources and it is labour intensive and provides an opportunity to increase rural employment and achieve long term improvements in quality of resource base. But the need of the hour is the chalking out of a definite nationwide strategy on this issue and the linking of the sources of production to the market for the same. Organic agriculture is becoming more popular because consumers are demanding healthful and environmentally-friendly food. Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, eco-systems and people if relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. On the contrast non-availability of good quality culture at the time of sowing was a major problem faced by 75 per cent farmers, While, non-availability of Vermicompost in adequate quantity was also a problem expressed by 44 per cent farmers in use of organic farming techniques as observed by (Saxena and Singh, 2000). Kaur (2002) revealed that lack of technical guidance, scarcity of water, too much care and maintenance as some of the common problems faced by the respondents in adoption of vermicompost technology. Requirement of extra land holding, lack of knowledge, lack of technical guidance and scarcity of water were the main problems reported by 21-34 per cent respondents in adoption of green manure (Kalawati, 2003).